about the brand

Mama Bird is a collection of thoughtfully designed tees and tanks for breastfeeding moms. Blending style with function, our line consists of updated everyday pieces that allow for easy and discreet nursing without the need for a cover/blanket. Moms have enough to lug around!

Our goal is to offer nursing moms an array of wardrobe essentials that are functional yet effortlessly stylish - so much so that they beg to be worn even when not nursing. 

about the designer

Lily Nguyen-Malone is a designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She's actually the one who is writing this and it's strange to write about oneself in third person so she is switching to first person!

I've been working as a designer for 15 years, specializing in sleepwear and loungewear.  I created Mama Bird because I was a breastfeeding mom once and always had a hard time figuring out what to wear. I also felt there was a hole in the market for versatile breastfeeding tops that offered easy access, as well as coverage. It baffles me that in this day and age, breastfeeding in public can still be a source of contention and controversy. So until everyone gets with the program, I hope that Mama Bird will not only take the thinking out of figuring out what to wear, but also offer moms another option to conveniently and modestly breastfeed anywhere!